Throat Fuck

Yesterday, on Christmas day, I was relaxing in bed, scrolling through all the well-wishes on Facebook as my friends in the.

The history of intelligent machines is one of moving goalposts: Sure, a machine can do this, but can it do that? The “that”.

When we were in school, there was this kid who went around thinking he was smarter than everyone else. (Spoiler: that kid was.

Question: what’s the difference between group sex and a gang bang? Please pop on your serious hat and ponder along with me. I.

Two women in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon allegedly punched and yelled anti-Jewish epithets at an Orthodox Jewish man,

Rick Ross Interview: Talks Drake Collabs, Grammys & New.

– When I pull up on Rick Ross at his house in Atlanta, on an overcast Tuesday afternoon in mid-December, I find him laid up,

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Some people have trouble with their job choices, but that’s not me personally. There’s nothing much better than being a trainer for these sexy small teenager girls! Well, just one single thing,

Previously on NWA Powerrr: BIG POPPA PUMP made his Powerrr debut, offering suplexes and general throat-reddening insanity.

Opals are some of the prettiest stones on the planet. Derived from the Sanskrit upala, meaning “precious stone,” they later.